Client & Patient Testimonials

"They’re innovators; they’re willing to make things happen, to make what you need, to fill the cracks for us as integrative physicians to be able to help our patients. Central Drugs is a great company."

Dr. Mitch Ghen

"There's always someone I can consult with immediately. I love their service!"

Dr. Catherine Noel

"The staff at Central Drugs are extremely friendly. We like the fact that most prescriptions have a 24-hour turnaround time, which works out great for our patients."

Kristina, Office Manager at Boutique Family Medicine

"I get a sense that customer service is imperative at Central Drugs. Even though I live across the country from the store, I feel like I have a personal relationship with them. They have great manners, and they take the time to answer my questions. I even get a courtesy call each month to renew my prescription and I really appreciate that."

Joni Shelton