IV Nutrition Kit

IV Nutrition Physician Success Program (IV PSP) Tool Kit

Thank you for joining Central Drug's IV Physician Success Program. As your partner in IV Therapy, we want to provide you with the resources and tools to get you started.

Please download these documents to your computer for easy access.


Introduction to IV Formulas  

Osmolarity Chart

Sterile Mixing Video:

Mixing IV Bags

Below are the requirements for mixing IV bags (medium risk compounding):

  • IV bags prepared in an controlled environment i.e. ISO 5 hoods

  • Hoods can be horizontal or vertical flow pattern

  • ISO 5 hoods are placed in an ISO 7 room

    • Hepa filtered air in the room and ceiling tiles are non-porous

    • Preferrably there should not be a sink in this room 

    • Floor, walls & ceiling should be intact and washable

Education at Central Drugs

Education at Central Drugs:  We have not yet planned for our 2018 Workshops, but we do have DVD recordings of our July 2017 Workshop: