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At Central Drugs, we value education and provide the tools and resources practitioners need to continue the quality care to their patients. We want to partner with you to help grow your practice and improve the health of your patients. Learn more about the educational products and services we offer. 


To continue to support your growth and development in BHRT and IV Nutrition, we offer videos to guide you along the way.

Aseptic Technique in IV Nutrition Preparation


Led by industry experts, we offer educational training on Foundational IV Therapy and BHRT. Our DVDs are 16 hours each and includes PDF files of the presentation slides. Recorded in February 2017.

BHRT - Featuring Dr. Paul Savage

Features: BHRT Workshop 2017 DVD featuring Dr. Paul Savage and Dr. Nayan Patel

  • Principles and foundation of hormones and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
  • Recognize and diagnoise hormone deficiencies including thyroid and cortisol in patients 
  • Interpret laboratory tests to confirm diagnoses and monitor therapies
  • Formulate customized medication therapy regimens for patients with hormone related diseases
  • Learn how to complement nutritional supplements with BHRT
  • What to look for when partnering with a compounding pharmacy

Foundational IV - Featuring Dr. Mitchell Ghen

Features:Foundational IV Therapies DVD featuring Dr. Mitchell Ghen and Dr. Nayan Patel

  • Understand when and how IV nutrition thereapy is beneficial to patients
  • How to make and administer IV solutions
  • Identify side effects
  • How to apply nutrients to specific conditions
  • Understand laboratory values and patients' progress
  • What to look for when working with a compounding pharmacy
  • Calculate osmolarity and osmolality

Parenteral Clinical Nutrition Book

The authoritative text on IV Nutrition Therapy written by Mitchell J. Ghen, D.O., Ph.D. and Nayan Patel, Pharm.D.

The Science and Art of Parenteral Clinical Nutrition Book

The Science and Art of Parenteral Clinical Nutrition looks at the history, philosophy, and practical applications of parenteral nutrition. This text serves as a practical guide for the clinician's practice. It is designed to be read easily and referred to often.

The authors challenge practitioners with thoroughly prepared case studies requiring them to consider how they would apply the principles they have learned. Vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and chelation protocols are discussed in the text. Use of subcutaneous and intramuscular solutions are addressed.

Safe preparation and administration practices are emphasized throughout the book as it focuses on the cellular perspective in functional medicine. This book will enhance readers' learning experience in this field and expand the scope of their capabilities as practitioners.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - A Short History of IV Nutrition
Chapter 2 - Systemic Considerations of IV Nutrition Therapy
Chapter 3 - Cellular Effects of IV Nutrition Therapy
Chapter 4 - Objectives of IV Nutrition Therapy
Chapter 5 - Establishing an IV Nutrition Therapy Program
Chapter 6 - Essential Components of Nutrition Therapy
Chapter 7 - IV Nutrition Protocols
Chapter 8 - Genetic Variance
Chapter 9 - Stress Reduction Therapies
Chapter 10 - Anti-Inflammatory and Antimicrobial Therapies
Chapter 11 - Chelation Therapies
Chapter 12 - Detoxification and Cell Therapies
Chapter 13 - Cancer Therapies
Chapter 14 - Biological Longevity Enhancement
Chapter 15 - The Future of IV Nutritive Therapy

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