Central Drugs Compounding Pharmacy works closely with dentists and patients to provide customized oral care. We work together to find a solution that fits you. Utilizing the latest dental compounding technology, our team of pharmacists can alter any dosage, form, or flavor for ease of administration for you and your patients. Our products are safe and an effective alternative to commerically-available drugs. 


Central Drugs Compounding Pharmacy can create medications for your office. We specialize in dental gels and other common office products. Our products can be tailored to you so that your patients can receive maximum comfort and care during their visitations. From changing the flavor of a solution, formulating a different strength for a product, combining medications, removing allergens, or changing the route of adminstration, Central Drugs understands patient specific needs.

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  • Dental Gels / Dental Pastes

  • Topical Anesthetics

  • Oray / Topical Spays

  • Troches and Lozenges

  • Dental Rinse

  • Topical Dental Emulsions

  • Lip Balms

  • Lollipops

  • Tablet Triturates

  • Creams

  • Injectables

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Dental Patients

It’s essential to get proper treatments for oral health. However, many pharmacies may not carry the medications you need, especially if you need special orders.

At Central Drugs Compounding Pharmacy, we specialize in custom treatments. Whether it's getting medicine in a dose different than what's normally offered or changing the form a treatment comes in, we can take care of that and more.Our licensed pharmacists uses the latest technologies to provide you with the best medications available. We work closely with your dentist to create the perfect solution based on what works for you, making dental healthcare simple and effective.

Central Drugs compounds dental medications for a wide range of uses. Here’s a short list of just some of the most common:

  • Canker Sores

  • Chronic Dry Mouth

  • Gingivitis

  • Lichen Planus

  • Intraoral Pain

  • Periodontitis

  • Thrush

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