Custom Labeling

We are focused on labeling innovations to help enhance patient safety

Custom Labeling Features:

  • TALLman lettering – Helps differentiate drugs

  • Dual-Drug Name Band/Vertical Drug Name Stripe  – Helps to read drug name from any angle

  • Reverse Print (White font, Black background) – Improves label clarity

  • Drug name on separate line of text from drug concentration

  • Using “mg or mcg per mL” concentration rather than “Total Dose”

  • Type concentration as “mg or mcg per mL” instead of a slash “/”

  • Distinctive statement of correct route of administration

  • For OR Syringes: ASTM color differentiation standards, endorsed by ASA, for drug classes

  • Barcode system

  • Tamper evident seal for controlled medications

Any label features can be customized to your needs