Custom Labeling

At Central Drugs, we are focused on labeling innovations to help enhance patient safety and ease. We provide 10 features to help improve patient care and experience. 

Custom Labeling Features:

  • TALLman lettering – Helps differentiate drugs

  • Dual-Drug Name Band/Vertical Drug Name Stripe  – Helps to read drug name from any angle

  • Reverse Print (White font, Black background) – Improves label clarity

  • Drug name on separate line of text from drug concentration

  • Using “mg or mcg per mL” concentration rather than “Total Dose”

  • Type concentration as “mg or mcg per mL” instead of a slash “/”

  • Distinctive statement of correct route of administration

  • For OR Syringes: ASTM color differentiation standards, endorsed by ASA, for drug classes

  • Barcode system

  • Tamper evident seal for controlled medications

Ask how we can customize your label for you!

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