BHRT Workshop Spring 2015


Thank you for purchasing our Central Drugs Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapies Workshop. We have provided you with the following links to the PDF presentation slides and forms.

If you are particpating in our 30/30 Practioners Sucess Program we ask that you watch these presentations prior to your first consultation so that you will better understand the process of working with BHRT patients.

Please download these files within 30 days to your own computer or storage device. These slides are for your personal use only. They are copywrited by each presenter. Be sure to ask for permission from the presenter if you want to use for other purposes. We ask that you do not share these links with others.  

Thank you from your Central Drugs Team and we look forward to  working with you and your patients.

Central Drugs Spring BHRT Series

Lundquist - Nutritional Supplements that Support and Improve Thyroid Health

Meletis 1  - NeuroEndocrine Theory of Aging

Meletis 2  - Adrenal-Thyroid

Meletis  3  - BHRT and Supplements

Meletis 4  - Mitochondria

Sachdev 1 - Why HRT and Anti-Aging Medicine

Sachdev 2 - Interpreting the Results and How to Safely Prescribe

Sachdev 3 - Nutrigenomics

Sanchev 4 - Male Andropause- Safer Approach

Sachdev 5 - Hormonal Balance - Initial Introduction

Patel 1 - Cortisol and Thyroid

Patel 2 - Womens' Early Years

Patel 3 -  Mens' Health Post Puberty

Patel 4  - Pre-Post Reproductive Years, “The Change”