30/30 BHRT Prescriber Success Program

We are dedicated to your success! The 30/30 BHRT Subscriber Success Program has been a launch point for hundreds of practitioners across the country. Let us join you through this journey as you start your BHRT practice. 

The 30/30 BHRT program lays out a path for you to develop clinical knowledge and confidence in BHRT by working with our clinical pharmacists. Your first 30 BHRT patients are extremely important to the growth of your practice. We provide tools, resources, and guidance for your first 30 patients, empowering you with the education for success. By the end of this program, you will have the experience you need to feel like an expert in the field. 

How to start:

30/30 BHRT Program
  1. Sign up with our account manager
  2. Schedule and hold your initial consultation and receive your BHRT Prescriber's Kit
  3. Begin Phase One - Your clinical pharmacist will work with you to start the program

Patients 1-10: Beginner Training Phase
Patients 11-20: Intermediate Application Phase
Patients 21-30: Advanced Discussion Phase
Patients 31+: Expert Support Phase

Program includes:

  • BHRT Prescriber's Tool Kit

  • BHRT workshop DVD with PDF slides

  • One on one consultations

  • Faxt Rx delivery

For more information or to sign up, email Kathy at or call 877-447-7077 ext. 150 or 149.

CD Smartpen™

The CD Smartpen™ is a medication delivery system used to dispense topical hormones for BHRT patients. Launched in 2014, the CD Smartpen is accurate, versatile, and comes in a variety of colors to differentiate medications. BHRT patients love the ease and convenience of the CD Smartpen. 


  • Calibrted at 0.15 ml per push
  • Antimicrobial silicon tip
  • No up-charge for device
  • No accidental discharges
  • Simple to dispense
  • Travel size 
  • No tiny numbers to read
  • Replaces syringes and clicker devices

We have a team of pharmacists ready to help you and your patients transition to the CD Smartpen.

Contact us and ask for a sample of our CD Smartpen!

Displaying 4 different colors of the CD Smartpen

CD Smartpump®

Central Drugs is changing the way you do hormones with the CD Smartpump®. The CD Smartpump is the premier device for your transdermal medications. It accurately dispenses at 0.25ml per pump, holds 30gm of cream, BPA free, and is truly an airless container from the bottle to the nozzle preventing evaporation and oxidation of medication. 

The CD Smartpump replaces 10ml syringes and clicker devices.

No additional charges for the CD Smartpen or CD Smartpump! 

Call Central Drugs today and request your next refill using the CD Smartpump.  

One on One Consultations

Central Drugs offers personal complimentary consultation sessions with one of our expert clinical pharmacists to help you address any questions and guide you along the way in your BHRT practice.

We understant the importance of the practitioner - patient - pharmacy relationship and seek to strengthen it through our customer service, friendly staff, and innovative solutions. We work with you in order to create a better quality of life for our patients.

If you're new to BHRT or an experienced practitioner, our consultation services are always available to you anytime at no cost. 

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