BHRT 30/30 Program

Join over 250 doctors who have successfully grown their BHRT practice with us! 

Central Drugs provides comprehensive BHRT services to practitoners, clinics, and their patients across the nation and in our local communities. Educated practitioners and patients lead healthier lives.

BHRT 30/30 Program includes:Logo of 30/30 BHRT Program

BHRT Prescriber's Tool Kit

  • Male and Female Medical History Forms
  • Symptoms and Treatment Forms
  • Lab Sheets
  • Custom Rx Pads
  • CD SmartPen sample kit
  • Marketing materials

BHRT Workshop DVD with PDF presentation slides

  • 16 hour coursework
  • Case studies
  • Presented by industry leaders in Anti-aging
  • Practical applications for your practice
  • Business building tips

One-to-one consultations

  • Personalized program with clinical pharmacists to meet your needs
  • Practical guidance at your pace
  • Interpreting lab work together
  • Case studies and protocols reviewed as you make money

Fast Rx Delivery

  • Free shipping for 3 or more medications
  • 99% of BHRT medications processed the same day
  • Courtesy reminder calls - 94% compliance rate

Enrollment: Complimentary

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Additional Resources


Led by industry experts, we offer educational training on BHRT. Our BHRT DVD is fill with 16 hours of course work, case studies, and includes files of the presentation slides. 

BHRT - Featuring Dr. Paul SavageBHRT 2017 Workshop DVD with Dr. Paul Savage and Dr. Nayan Patel


  • Principles and foundation of hormones and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
  • Learn how to recognize and diagnoise hormone deficiencies including thyroid and cortisol in patients 
  • How to interpret laboratory tests to confirm diagnoses and monitor therapies
  • Formulate customized medication therapy regimens for patients with hormone related diseases
  • Learn about nutritional supplements and how it complements BHRT
  • What to look for when working with a compounding pharmacy

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